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Repairing the Hoh


On Friday we came back from a pleasant row around Rat Island to find the Hoh had two three foot long splits in the aft hull and had let a gallon or two of water in under the aft deck. A check with Steve and Anne, Ted and Jim decided to repair it asap. We hope to get a second coat of varnish on in time for our regular Wednesday row.

6/20/04 - Ann gave us "permission" but, of course the Hoh needed a more complete restoration which we accomplished this year.

Later, when we were repairing the many splits in the Huskey Challenger hull, we used a cyanoacrylate glue with a watery consistency and a spray accelerator. We could pour the glue in the crack even when the boat was wet, spray it with the accelerator, and row it again within minutes. But it's no substitute for a new varnished in #104 glass finish like we eventually refinished the Hoh.

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