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Four Without Race, 1960

The only gold medal for USA at the Rome 1960 rowing games.
Arthur Delancy Ayrault, Stanford '60
Ted Allison Nash, U. Wash. '61
Rusty Wailes, Yale '58
John Sayre, U. Wash. '60

Rome 1960 4- Lake Albano Olympics

USA gains open water on Italy (lane 6) and Soviets (lane 5) at end of Grand Final-A, at Lago Albano (site of Pope's summer palace). USA had started tied in 5th place and rowed though Switzerland, the Czechs, then Great Britain while Soviets led at 500 meters to go. Italy took the home country lead to the roar of the stadium crowd seated on the edge of the volcanoe lake. At 400 to go the USA burst into a 44 strokes per minute rush passing both crews in front of the crowd to win in a head wind 6:26 record. The crowd yelled "Italia" then "USA" in rhythem of equal recognition of the great effort of both leading crews. When USA passed the finish line, it had not seen the line and continued another 15 strokes until the crowd yelled stop, afraid that USA would hit the marble wall.

Picture and narrative courtesy of Ted Nash

Hoh - Summary, the short version
1960 Gold Medal Winner
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Refinishing the Hoh in 2004
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