Pocock Classic Cedar Singles
Refinishing the HOH

Picture courtesy Tone Lawver
We are following the Pocock "Instructions for Refinishing a Wood Boat" and Ole's suggestions on stripping. So far a lot of glass and varnished in gossimer repairs have come off and most of our repairs from last year have held. (we've got some new splits.) We are using Janco stripper, plan to make repairs, fair the hull and follow the "Instructions", varnishing with Epifane's.

On a second trip to advise us Steve Chapin, Ole Kanestrom and Joni Blanchard told us to replace the decks (Ole ripped the old one off!) and fair the hull with long boards and 80 grit, Joni told us to thin with turpentine and use a little Penetrol and Steve stayed to help get the decks off.

Here are Steve's considered recommendations after a few years of building new wooden singles.

Strip and repair with epoxy, (Would some other glue be better? Epoxy is so hard toe get off.) Sand, scrape, glue over and over.

Remove deck and half-round, fair, Ductchman, Gossimer varnished in. (Many off-line pictures).

Decking the Hoh (More off-line pictures).

Hoh - Summary, the short version
1960 Gold Medal Winner
Lake Washington shells - Husky Challenger & Hoh
First Repairs
Refinishing the Hoh in 2004
Rowing the Hoh
Hoh Damaged August, 2004
Hoh Returned

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