Pocock Classic Cedar Singles
Ole Kanestrom on repairs

Ole, who makes exquisit violin bows and has expertly restored a Pocock pair, says, "Don't fiberglass it." To fix splits, work some epoxy into the crack. That's all that's needed.

Take varnish off with paint stripper and 3M pads. Don't sand too much. Hot coat the varnish without sanding between coats.

Re-finish a boat as recommended by Pocock

"Decks are easy." Just glue on some Dacron and iron it, like you would a shirt, to shrink it. then varnish it.

(More in his own words as we can catch him)

Hoh - Summary, the short version
1960 Gold Medal Winner
Lake Washington shells - Husky Challenger & Hoh
First Repairs
Refinishing the Hoh in 2004
Rowing the Hoh
Hoh Damaged August, 2004
Hoh Returned

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