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Dimensions of "Standard" and "teardrop"

Hi Steve,

Can you tell me the dimensions of the various cedar Pocock single racing shells that were made, i.e over all length and approximate width at the waterline (at the widest point)? There must have been a lightweight and heavyweight Teardrop and Standard. Were there other singles?

I am assuming my Teardrop is a lightweight model as it is 26' long and just under 12" wide at its widest point. I weigh 160 # and I think I about max it out.

Thanks,Bob Heacox

    Hi Bob, The lengths of most versions of the Teardrop and Standard Cedar Singles are all approximately 26' - 6". Where they vary in size is mostly in the maximum width, or beam, which is measured not at the waterline but up at the deck. I think your Teardrop Single is the Small version, having its maximum beam of about 12" at the forward end of the rower's bench. It is rated for a maximum capacity of 165 lbs, so you still have room for a big breakfast. The Large Teardrop has a 13" max beam and a 220 lb max capacity. There is also a Flyweight Teardrop, which is smaller all around: 24' - 0" length X 11" max beam and a 125 lb max capacity.

    The Standard Cedar Single is built in only the Midweight version; it has a max beam of 12", in about the middle of the rower's bench, and has a capacity of 150 to 200 lbs. There may have been a Heavyweight Standard Cedar Single, but I haven't found the stocks for this version.

    Hope this answers your questions.

    Happy Rowing,

Website & Riggers

From: Scott Gordon
To: sbchapin@msn.com
Sent: Thursday, February 17, 2011
Subject: Pocock fiberglass single riggers

Greetings, your website sent me back to my first club, Blood Street Sculls, in Old Lyme, CT...Fred Emerson had a veritable fleet of Pocock 1x,2x and sweep shells. Miss those days, know the location of a few of the shells.

I wanted to know if you have any riggers that would work on a fiberglass trainer? I'm working on resurrecting one from a scrap heap for our rowing club.

Appreciate all your pics also refurbing my '83 Garafolo mahogany (Stamphli knock off).

Thanks, take care.

    I'm glad to hear that you appreciate our website. We'd like to know of the singles that you refer to, to add to our Singles Fleet. Jim Buckley manages the website and would take that information.

    As for riggers for your fiberglass trainer, I do have a couple miscellaneous unknown pairs rattling around the shop. I'd need to know some particulars to learn whether they'd fit: the beam of your shell at the riggers, the angle of the washboards (from vertical or horizontal), the hole pattern and dimension, and the distance along the washboards between centers of the rigger bolts.

    Best Regards,

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