Pocock Classic Cedar Singles
Randi Krumm
1975 Pocock Standard Single GPRCS1550575


I have a 1975 Pocock wooden single that I would like to sell on your website. I do have pictures and will try to include them in this email or try a separate email. I am also not sure of an asking price but thinking $2000. The specifics are:

Personally owned, rowed and professionally maintained and repaired since 1995. Has original seat, foot stretchers and rigging. Has wood single car top carrier.

Have enjoyed rowing this boat out of the Pocock Rowing Center, through the cut, around Lake Union and down the boat canal. Will miss her, but know someone else will get her out on the water where she belongs much more often than I have.

Live west of Marysville, Wa. 98271

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Pocock Classic Cedar Singles
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