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1999 Teardrop
One of the Last Teardrops GPRHCS11H999
Never Rowed
Matt Cockburn

Matt Cockburn in Seattle bought this shell in November, 2014

"And it was on this day that GPRHCS11H999
finally met the water for the first time."
- Matt

another picture
tail number

Lloyd E. Smith

I own this shell, S/N #GPRHCS11H999, purchased 2/12/1999, Invoice #6511. I am interested in selling it and the Spruce Racing Oars. The shell has never been in the water and has been stored indoors in my home since the purchase. It is in mint condition. When I purchased it, Marcia Tapp of Pocock wrote me a letter saying that it was hand crafted by Bob Brunswick and that due to his impending retirement and a shortage of these materials that this would be the last batch of these boats made.

Do you have an idea of what the value of this boat would be? I have the original invoice and letter if they would be of any help.

If you are selling boats on this site, I can provide additional details and photos.

Thank you,
Lloyd E. Smnith


Jim -- This is a rare find! We should discuss what an estimated value might be. The number on the original invoice would be a starting point. I think "HCS" in the HIN means it's a heavyweight cedar single, but we should confirm. Also the oars: the competition oars have the ironbark veneer on the compression side of the shaft; what length? Photos would be nice.

Steve Chapin



As Steve says, "This is a rare find!". There are not many Pocock singles (or anything else for that matter) that is in never-used mint condition after 15 years.

We don't actively sell shells on the website but we do actively promote Pocock Cedar Singles and are compiling a fleet to feature and keep track of the ones we can. We would love to include your Cedar Single. Please do send me pictures and whatever details you can.

We do have a Used Pocock Shells For Sale page where you can see a few that are for sale and a few more that have sold and I leave on the page to give an idea of the market value.

But yours is in mint-never-rowed condition. I should think you could at least sell it for whatever you paid for it - maybe a lot more. We would be happy to list your boat for you in exchange for a donation if it sells as a result of our efforts. If you are in a hurry to sell it, however, I would post notices at the major boathouses, starting with the Lake Washington Boathouse and advertise it Craig's List or call Darryl J. Strickler at Rowable Classics.

If it's not too painful, I would be interested in why you never rowed it.

Warm regrds,
Jim Buckley



The reason I never had this boat in the water is a little long winded, but here is the story. I had not rowed for over 20 years after having rowed on the Oregon State crew team, I was living in Omaha and bought a house on a lake that was ideal for waterskiing when it occurred to me that I ought to get a shell and do some recreational rowing and get some exercise.

I had always loved the Pocock boats as that's what I rowed in (8's) back at OSU so I contacted Pocock to see if they still made cedar singles and get a price, they told me that they did but they were on their "last batch" (see the attached letter) so I ordered one.

When I saw what I was getting I realized both that this was a work of art and that I could not do the boat justice with my abilities and would likely damage the boat - I had never sculled and hadn't been it a shell for 20 years - but I loved the idea of owning one of these classic boats.

I still wanted to take up some rowing again so I bought a double scull synthetic boat so that I could row and take people with me, so now I had two, the cedar single as a collectors item and the double to row. We moved to Park City Utah in 2000 and I no longer had the good place to row and so in 2003 I sold the double to a couple in Corvallis Oregon but I have hung onto the cedar single and have it displayed in my home hanging upside down from the ceiling.

We are in the process of "downsizing" and it is impractical to continue to display this in our future home and so I have decided to go ahead and sell it.

I will list the boat for $8500 on some of the sites I see, if you know of any buyers, please put me in touch with them. You have my email address and my cell number is 435-640-3279. Photos and information are attached.

Lloyd E Smith

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