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John Baker
1983 mid weight tear-drop cedar single - GPRTD193M83A

This boat is for sale for $3,900
in Issquah, WA
See listing

Dwight Jacobson (6/12/14, facebook page) - I own the midweight teardrop that formerly belonged to John Baker.

From: John Baker
to: Jim Buckley
date: May 3, 2011
subject: John Baker shell

I have this boat in my garage in Issquah, but I'm mainly on my ranch in Wallowa County OR. This work of art should sell for at last as much as a piece of plastic, but I'll consider offers.

It's a midweight boat (to 170 or so) , in beautiful condition. The riggers may be a bit unique, as they are anodized. The hull is basically perfect and with no checks anywhere, and the boat has an interesting, dull, friction-free finish thanks to the one owner/racer before me.

Keep in touch. I come over to the west side fairly regularly and can arrange a meeting.

Thank you for posting this, and best regards,

PS I did have the boat sold at $5500 and a ride arranged for it to Portland with a lawyer transfering from Maine, about 2 years ago, but her transfer fell through. Sorry for her sake!

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