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Chris Bayley
1990 Single Pocock - GPRTCS11L090

This boat, advertised on this website for $7,000, was sold in June, 2012 to Trey Knipe of Boise, ID

Date: 9/10/07
To: Jim Buckley
From: "Chris Bayley"

Thanks for your message. Here are photos including Pocock logo sticker, data on stern and the mysterious sticker.


Christopher T. Bayley
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Thanks Chris. The tail numbers are always something of a mystery to me but I think GPRTCS11L090 means George Pocock Rowing Teardrop Cedar Single, 11 made so far that year, this one in 1990.

Although teardrops are usually indicated by "TD" and not just a "T". And I don't know what "L0" means. Maybe it's a lightweight. If it's a heavy weight teardrop it may be about 13 in beam at the widest well forward. If it's a standard it should be 12" wide about in the middle. A lightweight teardrop may be 12" wide forward but quite narrow aft. If you can send other pictures and/or measure, let me know.

Jim Buckley

Subject: GPRTCS11L090
Date: Fri, 9 Nov 2007
From: "Chris Bayley"
To: "Jim Buckley"


I have done some measuring, results as follows:

Width at widest part, at forward end of cockpit within splashguard: 12"

Just forward of splash guard it is about 12" but that is around camber of deck covering.

Width at aft end of cockpit right at rear rigger support: 10"

2 feet aft of that: 9"
3 feet aft 8"
4 feet aft 7"
5 feet aft 6"

I have some more photos but not sure they will help because it's hard to get perspective on such a shape!

I'm guessing this confirms your analysis that it is a lightweight teardrop. I haven't weighed it but am curious what that model is supposed to weigh. My Maas Aero (used on West Sound/Orcas) is a little over 40#. I will never give up my Pocock until I have to, but approaching age 70 the 29# Fluid boats are appealing from a weight standpoint.


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