Pocock Classic Cedar Singles
Jim Buckley
1975 Pocock Standard Single GPRCS1570575

Restoration of 1975 Wooden Single Rowing Shell

This boat was damaged and disassembled when I bought it for $1,000 through Rowable Classics about 2000. I don't know much about it except what is obvious: The double row of nails in the keel, the double wheel seats and nail holes for deck bede all indicate it was build by George Pocock. The tail numbers may report it to be a "standard" heavy or midweight hull design, the 157th built so far in 1975 - in May, 1975.

Jim Buckley
360 379 0226 or 360 531 1031

Restoration Notes:

Repair, epoxy or glue on with Tightbond 3, sand and varnish interior.

Deck - light weight dacron (see Steve's suggestions) glue on with contact cement and iron to stretch. Varnish three coats.

Splash guards, screw and glue on with Tightbond 3. Aft few inches and bead not glued so that deck can be replaced.

Steve is so meticulous. This craft should be played only at Carnegie Hall - not rowed in a bay full of deadheads, buoys and dolphins.

Hull - Sand, fair, varnish on gossamer cloth, second varnish. Looked pretty good but when sanded showed lots of lumps which were soft inside. I decided to grind them down fair with 150 grit. Hope that wasn't too agressive. Steve has never let me come near a shell with sandpaper any coarser than 320 grit. But he was away.


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Pocock Classic Cedar Singles
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