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Steve Carter
1967 Pocock Standard Heavyweight

Don Costello on our face book page - Add to the Pocock stable...1967 hwt 1x built by Mr. George Pocock. Hull perfect, original deck for nostalgia, very rowable. First owner Andy Kerr then to Stephen Carter of Ojai/ Lake Casitas via the late Mr. Strickler. Boat purchased by Don Costello of Coos Bay, Oregon August 30, 2017. Also included Pocock (iron bark) with jazzy blade paint and Stampfli sculls, all in like-new condition.

From: "Stephen Carter"
To: buckley@rumford.com
Subject: Pocock single registry
Date: March 16, 2014

1967 standard heavyweight rowing shell first owned by Andy Kerr, who rowed at Lake Merced in S.F. who bought it new from George Pocock. I bought the boat in 2004 through the agency of Rowable Classics. The boat is in great condition with the original cloth decking. The boat came with a pair of Pocock sculls of the same period but with a different provenance. I was told they were purchased from Brad Lewis. The boat and sculls are a joy to row.

I self-taught to scull (I'm sixty-five) in a old beat up Laser found mildewing on a dock 12 years ago at Lake Casitas here in Southern California. Warmed up in that for a year before restoring an English wooden restricted single. Rowed it (still do) for a couple of years before acquiring the lovely Pocock. Have never rowed competitively but have spent a lot of hours on the water. Lately, I have been rowing in a couple of local harbors as the nearby lakes are currently almost completely closed (it's complicated) to outside boats due to an invasive mussel threat you may have heard about. Now, I REALLY don't like mussels.

Steve Carter
1724 Orchard Dr.
Ojai, CA 93023

(805) 276-8844

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