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Steve Carter
Phelps English Restricted Single

From: "Stephen Carter"
To: buckley@rumford.com
Subject: Pocock single registry
Date: March 16, 2014

Hi Jim,

Thank you for posting my boat and story on the register. See Carter

Here is a picture of the restricted single I mentioned. Darryl Strickler could tell you more, but I believe it was a class of English training boats (40's, 50's ?) meant for dead-even racing that were wider and heavier than racing shells. Hence, the dimensions were "restricted." Mine, (made by Edwin Phelps) is 24' 6" long with a 16" beam. The hull is sapele ply with an external keel. "Refurbished" would be a better word for my work on it as it is certainly set up in an ad hoc fashion. I have no idea what the original riggers, sax boards and stretchers looked like. I imagine it performs similar to a Maas 24. The boat is fun and forgiving to row, just not especially fast.


Steve Carter
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