Pocock Classic Cedar Singles
Chapin Hull Identification Numbers
Seattle, WA

Steve Chapin built eight Cedar Singles fo the original Pocock Eightv Projet. Then he built four Heavyweight Teardrops as a batch.

"The first three letters of the Hull Identification Number should be the USCG's code for my shop, POI."

The next three digits for a Heavyweight Teardrop should be HTD. The next three digits indicate, the sequence in the batch, 03 of four, and the letter code for month of modle year - I, which would indicate September. Finally the last three digits, 909, would indicate the boat was built in September, 2009. Seems a bit redundant, but the Coast Guard set up the system tp record the modle date as well as the completioin date.

In sum, Mike’s HIN should be POIHTD03I909.

"I made the first two SCS boats one-at-a-time. The next four boats were also SCS but as a batch. Then I switched over to HTDs for the last batch of four boats, making ten in total. Number 11 is the HTD now under construction; HIN yet to be designated." - Steve

Here are the HINs of the boats built by Steve Chapin:

    1. Schneider/Legacy/POISCS01E707
    2. Vanderbeke/Nate Hagen/POISCS02K707
    3. Nichols/Incisor/POISCS01F808
    4. Kim/POISCS02I808
    5. Unknown/POISCS03I808
    6. Kleisner/Song For Woody/POISCS04I808
    7. Grabner/POIHTD01I909
    8. Costello/Better Angel/POIHTD02I909
    9. Peabody/POIHTD03I909

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