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Don Costello travelog

With permission from Rex Wilson, PDN
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From: Don Costello
To: Steve Chapin and Dianne Roberts
Sent: Tuesday, October 06, 2009
Subject: Better Angel

Dear Steve and Dianne:

Yesterday I gave the boat its first hard workout, at Suttle Lake. It isa joy to row. I felt comfortable at both ends of the stroke with thestretchers showing one hole to the stern.

Geometry including pitch andheight is right. The boat favors a deliberate and soft catch (as CoRentmeester would say, as the blades "caress the water") and encouragesacceleration through the drive. My Croker hatchet blades complement theboat perfectly. The boat is challenging and wants to be rowed well.Sitting empty in the water next to the dock, it is absolutely level.When rowed, it holds the set well and feels much lighter than compositeracing shells that weigh less. It springs away from the release, runsfar and tracks true. Fore-and-aft rocker is nil. Goodies and customtouches include: comfortable seat (I usually use a pad and won't needone with this boat); stretcher tighteners that are kind on the fingers;every material and joint meticulously conceived and executed; rare andsuperior woods; matched grain on the hull; etc.

Most importantly from a competitor's standpoint, the boat is very fast.I look forward to racing in it. Steve Chapin is to be commended. He isreally onto something. The boat is both art and competitive machine. Itis in a class of its own, worthy of the Pocock name and transcendent inmany respects. Steve put a lot of wisdom, experience and love into thisrare craft. It is a privilege to be in its care.

Don Owen Costello

Don Costello travelog
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