Pocock Singles Project
1978 Cedar Single mid weight

Pocock Single Historic Olympic Shell.

Built for 1980 Moscow Olympics. It has the Olympic stamp on it.
Currently at Lake Washington Rowing Center

Restored 2016 with help from Sow’s Ear.

It was brought entirely to bare wood, sanded, applied 104 fabric with varnish (same as it originally would have had), and installed a brand new deck. There is one very slight loose spot on the deck from loading it on the rack, and the bow ball is currently removed, but I have it and could re-install. I removed the entire cockpit as well, sanded it all, re-glued a good portion of the framing, and then varnished and re-installed everything in its original manner. There is green trim tape around the edge of the deck. The tracks for the seat are the only thing on the boat that is not original- they're from about 10 years after the boat was built, but also from Pocock. The very bottom of the boat has some discoloration from being stored upside down on a rack for a decade or longer. I think that the boat has barely ever been rowed since it was built for an Olympics that we didn't compete in, and was one of two boats that Pocock built for that rower.

The slides are actually much nicer than the originals, that's why they are the only part of the boat that isn't original. They're anodized aluminum and very smooth. It has a great lively feel.

It's the boat on top. It's a midweight boat. It's currently at the lake Washington rowing club.

Best regards,
Matt Cockburn

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Pocock Singles Project
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