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Guy Harper
Old Pocock Wherry

From: Guy Harper
To: Jim Buckley
Subject: Old Pocock Wherry
Date: Fri, Jul 16, 2010

While not a real racing shell, this Pocock single I bought from George and Stan in 1954. It was built by George and his brother, Dick, much earlier obviously--maybe Stan would know.

I restored it completely - even to buffing every rivet in this lap strake designed shell and rowed it for several years at my home on Three Tree Point. Then one day, a fellow rower, Bill Gross, asked to borrow it - to which I agreed. Bill was storing in on a lawn on Lake Washington by a tree which unfortunately blew down in a wind storm and the boat was a complete loss. Really too bad as I was going to donate it to MOHAI as it was in perfect original condition complete with seat and riggers.....

This will show the condition of the boat and of me when I was in good rowing shape...........as compared to now..........

Again, very nice job with the various oriented Pocock web sites and pictures.


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