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Sally Keller
1977 Teardrop Single Pocock GPRTD1240877

Kip Keller
1979 Teardrop Single Pocock GPRTD149M79K

From: Kip Keller

Hi -

Steve Chapin suggested I (we) register our (3) wooden pocock singleswith you - sounds like a great idea. So here goes.

GPRTD1240877 - my wife's (Sally Keller). Teardrop single. Purchasednew in '77 or '78. Rowed many miles every year since. Redecked, re-riggered,and in excellent condition. Won medals at Nationals and NW regionals in the'70s, and as a master in the 90's and 00's. Lake Washington RC; Mpls; SanDiego RC; Oregon Association of Rowers

GPRTD149M79K - mine (Kip Keller). Teardrop single. Purchased new in'79. Rowed regularly since. Reriggered recently. Excellent condition (the boat,that is). Lake Washington RC; Mpls; San Diego RC; Oregon Association ofRowers

no number - looks to be early to mid seventies. (smaller standard single,beaded coaming, double-wheeled tracks). Recently bought from the Kaleniusfamily, formerly rowed by Bill Kalenius for many years. In good shape, wellmaintained. Soon to be upgraded with more modern slides... See Bill Kalenius for pictures.

pics attached of the first two boats. Let me know if you need/want anything else.

Kip Keller
Oregon Association of Rowers
Eugene, OR

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