Pocock Classic Cedar Singles
Bruce R Macdonald
1986 Standard Single #GPRSCS18F686
Signed by Stan Pocock

From: "pocockrower"
Subject: Pocock Cedar Single
Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2007

My neighbor Bonnie is the sister of Bob Brunswick who turned me on to the article in the Wooden Boat magazine about you all. Discovering this website is very exciting for me. Bob built me a Standard Cedar single in the spring of 1987 and it is still flawless. #GPRSCS18F686 I also purchased the beautiful wooden oars to go with it. They have the dark iron bark along the flat side. They are like art as you say. I applaud your efforts to keep Bob's skills alive. I have never seen the Wooden Boat Center in Port Townsend, but that will change in a hurry.

I would like to forward some photo's when I get around to buying a new digital camera.

Thanks so much...Bruce R Macdonald



Thanks again for the email. I bought the boat new. I have the receipts of course. I am the only person to have rowed the boat. I’ll take the tape and flagging off the stern and take a few more photos. I do have the Pocock made spruce oars with the dark brown iron bark. They are in perfect shape. They’re almost as nice to look at as these wonderful wooden boats.

I have not advertised it yet. I'm just feeling my way along. I sent the videos of the decking and hull for your inspection.



There is nothing really unique other than the autograph. I was just talking up my own boat. The videos and the two photos of the cockpit I figured would be enough for now for folks to see it's condition. I would ask $10k for a start, but I defer to you.

Thanks for the help...Bruce Macdonald

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