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John Martin
1982 Pocock Standard Single, GPRCS190M82A

From: John Martin
To: buckley@rumford.com
Subject: Pocock single registry

GPRCS190M82A --- first of 3 emails to litter your box. Finally dragged it down and gave it a rinse. Couple of repairs, a split washbox, but otherwise amazingly clean. Seat's in our other warehouse, I think. Could the deck be original? Yikes. saved it from a trip to California about 20 years ago where it was bound for a new club --- as a club boat. Wouldn't have lasted long. John Martin

It belonged to a guy in Dallas who went away, leaving it in the boathouse for a dozen or so years -- rent free, so to speak. The club finally (mid/late '90s as I recall) decided to do something about it, packaging it with some other unused, disowned and otherwise "taking up rack space" boats to be sent to California, where a new club wanted some cheap club boats. Two of the boats were simply way too nice to suffer this fate, this and a really nice 1984 ltwt Van Dusen, so I offered twice what the Californians were buying them for and stashed them away in my warehouse. I restored the Van Dusen a couple of years ago --- gees, what a nice boat (still 24 lbs after renovation) --- and finally got around to dragging this guy down from it's nice, safe, dry, air conditioned perch last Friday. As far as I know, I'm the second owner and the boat's complete --- once I find the seat (in another warehouse). It's got a couple of minor, old repairs, but otherwise seems pretty solid. With original tulips --- which is how this thread got started.

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