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Peter McLean's 1981 Standard Single GPRCS178M81B



This boat sold for the asking price of $3,500 in June, 2012

The shell belongs to my daughter, Grace Seelye. She currently rows for Shawnigan Lake School in BC Canada. She trains while at home on the Deschutes River here in Bend.

Cheers,Scott Seelye


Hello Jim,

Maybe two months ago you gave me a call as you had seen my ad/notice at Pocock Center regarding sale of my Pocock Single. Thank you for your interest and suggestion that I post information to the web site.

Three partners bought the shell in 1981. One suffered from more 'want' than 'need' and never used the shell - just as well as he was pushing 300 lbs. The second was a triathlete who decided adding rowing muscles was something he could forego.

So the shell became mine by default and I bought them out - not that they were in anyway. Over the years I've seldom been able to use the shell - perhaps a season worth. Consequently, it is in excellent condition and all original. It was assessed several years ago at $5,500 to $6,000; then the economy tanked. Presently, I am asking $3,400 which I consider reasonable given the depressed market. Time and an improved market will provide significant appreciation; though I hope a potential buyer would value this shell first on its merits.

The shell is kept in the Canoe House on the UW campus. I may bring it up to PT during the fest if I can make arrangements.

By the way, this shell is named CORIXID. That is the family name of an aquatic bug called the Water Boatman. One pair of its legs has evolved for rowing. Cool, eh?

I'll send photos and a copy of the ad/notice separately.

Thanks again for your interest.

Peter McLean
425 885 4704

Note that this boat came with brass locks. "I never saw anything that was improved by making it in plastic" remarked Frank Cunningham.

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