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Paul Meyer
1958 Pocock Standard

Given to Paul by his father upon graduation from UW, this 1958 single was built by George Pocock who also gave Paul his first sculling lesson. In 1960, rowing this boat in rough water, Paul came second to Ted Nash in the 2000 meter Western Sprints.

Charlie McIntyre borrowed the boat "a lot" in the 1960's

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Paul also has a double "trout boat", built about 1960 for UW for training in pairs. In the 1990's Bill Cameron and Rod Johnson rowed it as a pair, then sold it back to Ancient Mariners where Geza Berger and Dave Haworth fitted with rudder and rowed it in the 1996 nationals. Bill Cameron brought the boat back from Ancient Mariners, had the cover made and it sat until he and Peggy moved and sold the boat to Paul Meyer about 2005 for $1,200. Paul wanted to row it as a double rather than a pair so he bought the "Holz" quad riggers from Bob Ernst for $200. The other two sets of riggers, Paul gave to Susan at Lake Washington in partial return for work done (air holes and varnishing) she did on the boat. Paul still has the pair riggers and sweep oars. Speaking of oars, Paul has four sets of wooden sculls too.

A note about Rusty Callow: Rusty Callow grew up with his seven brothers and two sisters in Shelton. The family logged fished and had several businesses. When Rusty coached at Pennsylvania the family had a cabin at Lost Lake. He would invite all the rowing coaches to spend a few weeks each summer at different locations and Olympics where they would reminisce and tell stories about the rowing season.

Rod Johnson and Bill Cameron rowed this boat rigged as a pair to win many a world Masters championship.

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