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Ronald O'Connor
Early Pocock Teardrop Single



Just came across the website and offer the following re a fairly old Pocock single:

Wanting to row an old single, I got one from Jim Rathschmidt, the Yale coach, in 1960, fixing it up with help from the Yale boatman, Jerry Romano. I rowed it for over fifty years, last in 2012. About 2000, Graeme King took another shot at restoration, and no numbers or identification were found internally, only the Pocock University Station label on the rear deck. As of two weeks ago, it went to the permanent display at the Antique Boat Museum in Cortland NY, after several years on display in Boston.

I believe, but cannot be sure, that it was at Yale on the rafters, with cedar hull damage, for perhaps 20 years, as no one there at the time had any memory of it, and the old iron riggers and brass oarlocks are clearly from a distant era. While Dick Pocock spent many years building at Yale, we have no trace of his possible relation to the boat, unless he may have used the George Pocock?Washington label.

Attached are a few photos, and any ID help would be appreciated.

Glad to try and answer questions,
Ronald O'Connor

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