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John Robinson's Heavy Teardrop Single #GPRHCS12H999
Here is what John said about the boat in 2007:

"I checked the serial number on my cedar boat last night (in the dim light) and copied down the following number; "GPRKC12H799". I believe this indicates my boat was finished in July 1999 which is a year earlier than I thought but must be right. It was the second to the last heavyweight teardrop built. There had been no heavyweight teardrops built for a number of years then Bob built three. One for a fellow in Denver, mine and the last one for Rick Mitchell an LWRC member who sold it last year and is out of rowing. Bill says that the "last" standard single has not yet been finished. Apparently Bob brought 3 standards to about 90% completion when they moved and the wood shop was shut down. All three have been sold and the owners await their completion. Bill said they need final varnish and one needs a deck skin."

Jim; I looked at the serial number in the full light of day . . . I rowed Sunday late morning instead of in the dark . . . and the actual number is "GPRHCS12H999" I can't explain the lack of a "T" or "TD" in the number but is definitely a heavyweight Teardrop not a Standard.

John Robinson had talked Bill Tytus and Bob Brunswick into building a new wooden heavy teardrop single in 1999 and documented the construction with the pictures he kindly shared with us below.

Steve Chapin has the prints John sent and I have scans about twice the size of the ones on line. - Jim Buckley 6/7/06

To: JRobinson@entrix.com
From: Jim Buckley
Subject: Pictures


Thanks so much for the Pocock single construction pictures. That will help us a lot, not only in the construction steps but in seeing how the shop was laid out in the background.

I made scans and gave the prints to Steve who was also very pleased to get them. Thanks again.

Warm regards,


Jim; Glad you received the pictures . . . have you guys started building . . . ? ? ? Also are we going to see you guys down here for any races this summer ??


construction notes 1 construction notes 2 construction notes 3

picture 1 picture 2 picture 3 picture 4 picture 5 picture 6 picture 7 picture 8

picture 9 picture 10 picture 11 picture 12 picture 13 picture 14 picture 15 picture 16

picture 17 picture 18 picture 19 picture 20 picture 21 picture 22 picture 23 picture 24

picture 25 picture 26 picture 27 picture 28 picture 29 picture 30 picture 31 picture 32

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