Pocock Classic Cedar Singles
1968 Pocock Cedar Pair Double

Time to crow a bit...I purchased 1968 Pocock 2x / 2- SERAPH fka ALAMEDA (by which it shall henceforth be known) from Tom McCurdy along w a mountain of riggers and wooden sculls and oars. Will pick up from Steve's shop next Spring after he completes restoration. A nice complement to my 2009 Pocock Classic 1x BETTER ANGEL. - Don Costello

Seraph won its class and was voted "Best Rowing Shell" at the Victoria Wooden Boat Festival September 1-2, 2012.

Seraph is a very nicely restored 1968 Pocock cedar pair/double with both pair and double riggers, a pair of Pocock sweeps, two pair of spruce Pocock sculls (never used) and two pair of spruce F. Collar sculls.

The "near perfect" hull was reinforced with gossamer cloth and varnish and a new deck was installed.

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