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Darryl Strickler
Several Pococks

1962 Burk heavy teardrop

1979 light weight teardrop

1984 Standard, "Stan By Me"

Particia Pendergst in her restored Pocock lightweight single

Note: Creator of www.rowableclassics.com Darryl Strickler is writing a book, "Rowable Classics". He also traded quad riggers for my Ibex boat in 2006. - Jim

From: "Dr. Darryl Strickler"
To: "Jim Buckley"
Subject: Pocock Section for review/addition
Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2007


Thanks VERY much for your feedback on the Pocock section of the Rowable Classics book. I have incorporated your suggestions as appropriate.

Regarding the Pococks I have that you can add to "The Fleet" records (and ALL of these are verified and have not been altered.)

#1 The 1962 Joe Burke model was purchased from the original owner who rowed it three months before he went off to the war in Viet Nam. (Joe Burke was his coach.) The boat was in storage from 1963-2006 when I bought it!

#2 I have a NEW, never rowed, 1979 Teardrop lightweight single that is now being refurbished by Roger Payne at the University of Virginia. This boat was donated when it was new to a private school in Texas, where the crew brats knocked around on the racks, but it was never used (presumably because no on there knew how to scull!).

#3 My personal boat, Stan: By me! was purchased from UW Women's Crew Coach, Jan Harvell's husband. The boat was never adapted, so the eight-wheel seat was original, and the boat has the appropriate serial number, thus it's completely authentic.

I definitely did NOT write the piece on Pat Prendergast's boat. I presume SHE did since it's in the first person! Here's pat in HER boat:

And later:

All three Pococks I mentioned are all original, so I can only conclude that there was less consistency than we'd like to think--OR Jan Harvell's husband CHANGED the tracks and seat in the 1982 "standard" I bought from him. Below is the NEW (old) 1979 Lwt Teardrop now at UVA, which obviously has single wheels. I know FOR SURE the 1962 Joe Burke has the original tracks and seat, because I was there when it was "unearthed" last year! Go figure!

Draft Pocock section of book and correspondence.

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