Pocock Singles Project
Rick Williams
1960's George Pocock standard single

From: Rick Williams
To: buckley@rumford.com
Subject: Pocock Single
Date: Sat, 5 Jan 2008

Hi Jim,

It would be a honor to have my boat included in your Pocock Cedar Single fleet. It is a credit to this community that it is back on the water.

I bought the boat from a member of the Annapolis Rowing Club in 2012 after he had it shipped without riggers from somewhere in Indiana. His information was that it was a 1960's era George Pocock standard single. The owner decided he did not have the time to put into the repairs and was happy that I was buying it to row rather than put it on a bar room ceiling.

My repairs of the more than a dozen splits in the boat, several 6 to 7 feet long, were guided long-distance by a family member, Bob Bush. Bob restored a 1950's Pocock shell that he rows on a daily basis. I also got much needed information from the Pocock Classic website and by looking at the info on your Pocock Cedar Single Fleet. It took me several months in my spare time to get all the splits rejoined. After that I went looking for info on refinishing and decking and was happy to get good info and materials from Steve Chapin. Since the riggers were missing I went looking for them as well but was not able to get an old set that would fit. In the end I had new riggers built by Neville in England according to my measurements and specs. I then stripped all the finish and revarnished with the inclusion of the light-weight fiberglass according to Steve Chapin's method.

One year and a few weeks after I bought what my wife called the wreck of a boat, we put the riggers on and put it in the Anacostia River just up river from Washington DC. To my relief all went well and the rowing feel of the boat is great. So far I have not passed another rower that has not remarked what a beautiful boat it is.

Owner: Rick Williams of Maryland
Boat: 1960's era George Pocock standard single
History: Previous owners in Indiana and Maryland
Serial number: none on boats in this era

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