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Please tell us about your Pocock Cedar Single Rowing Shell by clicking here to email us.

We would like as much information as you are able or willing to give us such as:

    "1955 Pocock standard heavyweight rowing shell built by George Pocock, first owned by Jack Kelly who won a bronze medal in it at the 1956 Olympics in Melbourne." or ...

    "1979 Pocock Teardrop lightweight (165#) single, tail number GPRTD13606GH. Unknown history until I bought it in 2004 with a poor finish and restored it."

    "I think it's a Pocock. It's been sitting out behind the garage since my no-good husband left ten years ago. Here's a picture. Don't put my email address on your webiste."

Send us a picture or two and tell us who you are: name, address, email, phone number - any information you don't mind that we put on the website.

We are hoping that we can create an interesting registry of the fleet of remaining Pocock Cedar Single Rowing Shells. We're not sure where that will lead.

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