1890 Rowing Club

We are not the first rowing club in Port Tonwsend. Pam Clise send this series of clippings from the Port Townsend Leader.

PTL Apr 2, 1890
A movement is on foot to organize a boating club and if a sufficient number of members can be secured, a house will be built this spring and boats ordered immediately.

PTL Apr 4 1890
New boathouse - Frank Perrott has put up a neat two-story boathouse on the beach beyond Point Hudson and it is now nearly ready to be brought to the city. It is 30 by 60 feet, the lower floor being arranged for keeping the boats which are for rent, and the upper floor will be a boat factory. It is the intention of Mr. Perrot to organize a boat club here for the summer. He has fifteen first class boats now on hand and proposes to form a club of 100 members. The monthly dues will be $2.50, which is but 8 cents per day for each boat.

PTL Apr 15, 1890
The movement to form a boat club is a good one and deserves to meet with much success. A boat club is the source of much amusement and is of great benefit to members. Boating is a most healthful exercise and it is a surprise to many that a club was not organized long ago. There are plenty of young men in this city who would gladly join a boat club and if the movement just inaugurated was in the hands of a proper person a good club could be easily organized. Mr. Perrott, the boatman who offers the use of his clubhouse and boats, is an experienced oarsman and is willing to instruct the club members in rowing. Those who care about joining the club should attach their names to the list now in the hands of O. L. Willoughby, and immediate action taken in the matter of proper organizations.

PTL Apr 17, 1890
The boating club is gaining new members daily and interest in this healthful sport is growing There should be a club here if at least fifty members and the prospects are that there will be one.

PTL Apr 19, 2890
Perrott's boathouse was moved yesterday from Baker's beach to the slip between Taylor and Tyler Street wharves where it will remain during the summer. The boathouse has a magnificent collection of boats, all made by Mr. Perrott out of native woods. Besides ordinary whitehalls, he has a number of outriggers, several striding boards, four oared and double scull shells and canoes. The boat club now consists of almost thirty members and the new members are joining daily. Boating is without doubt the most healthful and invigorating outdoor exercise extant and there are a sufficient number of devotees in this city to form a respectable sized club. Seattle and Tacoma both have organized boat clubs and if a good club is formed here a tournament could be arranged to come off this summer and Port Townsend could be represented.

PTL Apr 24, 1890
There is no abatement in the interest taken in boating. Every day every available craft is out and much sport is had in rowing and sailing about the bay. Perrott's boat club is a popular resort now and the club membership roll is growing in numbers daily. All that is charged is $2.50 per month and the club member may use any boat in the boathouse every day if he so desires. The four-oared crews in prospect and if suitable men can be found and, if any speed is developed, the Seattle and Tacoma clubs will be challenged to race here on July 4.

PTL Apr 26 1890
Mr. Christian has taken charge of the securing of members for the boat club, and is meeting with good success. There were a number who imagined some one was around soliciting members and these all readily subscribed their name to the club roll and said they would have done so before. Every boat in the boathouse was out yesterday and if there had been, a dozen more to be had these could have been let without any trouble. Mr. Perrott is making a number of new boats in order to supply the demand.

Frank Perrott is an old time professional oarsman, and with a little practice, he could get in pretty good form. Among the members of some of the up-Sound clubs are one or two old time scullers and in case they should be looking for a race, all they need do is to turn their eyes in this direction. There has been some talk of forming a yacht club here. A fine yacht could be built right here at a small cost. Perrott, the boat builder, made a record as a builder of fast pleasure yachts in Australia and he says he would like to make a flyer for Port Townsend. If five or six went into the scheme, a yacht could be built at a small cost.

PTL May 1, 1890
The fine weather of late has caused much interest to be taken in aquatic sports and the Key City boathouse on each pleasant afternoon is the Mecca toward which the rowing Arab wends his way. Ladies as well as gentlemen find much sport on the smooth green water of the bay. The last few moonlight nights brought out quite a number of ladies and gentlemen and several boats sailed over to Hadlock and back.

There is some talk of a race between amateur oarsmen for a trophy. A number have been practicing every day lately and Frank Perrott is going to try to arrange a race. The race will be in out riggers over the usual course of three miles.

Frank Perrott is about to make up a four-oared crew for the shell he has in the boathouse. He thinks a strong crew can be formed from amount the local amateur oarsmen.

PTL May 3, 1890
A number of ladies were out yesterday and rowing is becoming a favorite exercise with many of the gentler sex. There is always a big rush for boats on Sunday and in order to be sure of getting one, those who intend to go out should reserve their boats today.

PTL May 10, 1890
Boating is still a favorite sport and will continue to be so during the summer. A number of the members of the Key City boat club are developing into first class single scullers and a race in batwings between members of the club is an event to be looked for in the near future. The devotees of this sport are thinking of arranging a Fourth of July regatta and Frank Perrott says that some interesting events would result. He thinks that there is plenty of material here for a four oared crew and has not given up his idea of forming one.

PTL May 13, 1890
Ollie Willoughby is out in a sliding seat nearly every day, and is getting in fine trim. Ollie has many friends who think him the amateur champion of Port Townsend, and are going to arrange a match for him with a local oarsman whole name is withheld.

Frank Perrott has just completed two fine sailboats. They are centerboards and are perfect beauties.

Boating parties seem to make Scow Bay a favorite resort.

See also the Rothschild rower, Bill Breeze, of 1870-80.

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