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Bob Will - Gold in 1948

Bob Will and his family came by Steve's shop today. Bob won a gold medal in the 1948 Olympics at Henley in a coxed four.

Even though the UW eight had beaten Cal twice that year in four mile races, they had lost in the Olympic trial 2000 meter sprint to Cal and Cal went on to win gold at Henley. So the UW JV boat reassembled as a four (the boat Bob was in), coached by George Pocock, and they won gold too.

Interesting Rowing Blog

Craig Bleeker suggested this as an interesting rowing site: http://hear-the-boat-sing.blogspot.com - Lots and lots of rowing data from all over the world. A lot of links too...........

In particular, see the right hand column of names and "The Pocock Brothers"..... very interesting....... Steve Chapin might enjoy this link that might provide another view of the Pocock family and traditions.........

Guy Haper

Dick Pocock in 1910

Scott Merrick's restored 1960's Teardrop

Steve Chapin just did a masterful job repairing some hull cracks and re-decking a 1960's vintage lightweight teardrop owned by Scott Merrick.

The boat was built in the early 1960s so has no tail number. See comments by Scot Merrick in the fleet.

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