Pocock Singles Project
Pocock Wooden Racing Singles

Pocock Racing Shells
615 - 80th Street SW
Everett, WA 98203
425 438 9048 (fax 425 438 9043)

Key Staff:
Bill Tytus, President
John Tytus, Sales "john@pocock.com"
Niki Sherey, Customer Relations "niki@pocock.com"

Pocock Racing Shells has ceased building wooden racing singles. Through the generosity of Stan Pocock and Bill Tytus the Pocock company has donated all the jigs, steam forms, paterns and some parts and materials to the Wooden Boat Foundation of Port Townsend, WA which has set up the shop and is preserving the tradition by making PT Pocock Single Racing Shells.

This will serve as a page of links to the "captured" (with permission) archival pages about wooden shells that Pocock has taken off their website. The information is unchanged but we have changed the format to avoid confusiton with the current Pocock Racing Shell website.

Pocock Wooden Shells (from the Pocock website)
Parts List
Who Built It
George on Rowing

Pocock Singles Project
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