Hoh Rigging


When we rowed the Hoh today it seemed as if the sculls were kind of long inboard and it was difficult to get them past the body at the finish.

Sure enough. Pin to pin the measurement is 60.5" (except for bow which was 61")

I compared it with the Francis, a Mass 24. The Mass is 62" pin-to-pin - as far outboard as the setting allows.

My sculls are 117.5" (9'-9.5") long with the button set so that the inboard is 34.25" and the outboard 83.25". The adjustment would allow almost 2" each way.

Preliminary conclusion: The Hoh is a first class racing shell that won gold in the 1960 Olympics with four young, strong, 6'-2" rowers. The Mass 24 is an open water/recreational shell probably set with the pins as far outboard as possible and more inboard oar to make it easier to row. I would like to adjust the Mass 24 oar locks to match the Hoh - 60.5" pin-to-pin - and adjust my sculls so that there is more outboard and less inboard - maybe about 33" inboard.

Hudson Boat Works suggestes that 160 cm is about an average spread for a single. 160 cm x .3937 = 62.99" (Maybe a quad without is just faster and needs a higher gear??)

Some computerized rigging tips at http://www.atkinsopht.com/row/rowrpage.htm

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