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Heavyweight Teardrop
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Pocock Classic racing shell, Heavyweight Teardrop model, Western red cedar, 26 feet, six inches long.

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The Pocock classic cedar single is one type of rowing shell, in whicha single rower uses two oars to row, or scull, the boat. (Differenttypes of shells are designed to be rowed by as many as eight rowers,and sometimes with sweep oars (where each rower handles only one oar.)The single is built for competition and is light and stiff.

With a length of 26 feet, six inches and a beam of 12 inches, itweighs only 34 pounds, yet it is designed for a rower weighing up to220 pounds.

The hull is made of cedar 3/32” thick, like the skin of a Stradivarius violin. The hull of the Pocock Classic single is unique in that the skin is made from a bookmatched pair of steam-bent Western red cedar planks. Yellow cedar is used for bedes, cheeks and washboards, sugar pine for the keel, gunwales and frame, ash for the shoulders.

No drawn plans exist for the Pocock Classic cedar single; only the forms, jigsand molds that perpetuate their traditional shape and constructionremain.

Historically, Pocock shells were made by four generations of thePocock family. In the heyday of Pocock’s wooden shell building, allpiece parts were made in multiples and stockpiled. Then constructionof the hulls occured separately, one or two at a time.

Ten years ago, the wooden Pocock shell was in danger of disappearing ,when Bob Brunswick, its last wooden shell builder retired in 2003. Aunique arrangement was made with the Northwest Maritime Center, for acollaborative effort between Brunswick and boatbuilder Steve Chapin.The knowledge of how to make these unique shells was passed downthrough first hand tutorial, thus preserving the art of making theseone-of-a-kind shells.

The Pocock shells are unique because the frame is omitted to saveweight. The result is a monocoque hull in which the skin, asBrunswick calls it, is a structural element. The shells also use onethickness of solid, steam-bent wood per side, unlike strip-planked orcold-molded hulls. And the Pococks are made of Western red cedar,giving the shells a combination of stiffness and springiness thatother boats of the type don’t possess. Such new wooden-hulled singlesare a rarity these days.

Photos are attached. One of the photos shows a pair of spruce sculls,but they are NOT included in this sale.

This Heavyweight Teardrop Pocock Classic shell currently is on display at theNorthwest Maritime Center, Port Townsend, Washington. Because of theneed for space and expansion of other lines of merchandise, thissingle Pocock Classic is being offered on eBay (#330880868980) with a lowreserve of $10,000, listed 2/28/12 for 7 days. It is brand new, neverhas been used, in mint condition. No discounts allowed. Local pick uponly.

VISA/MC, Paypal, and cash accepted.
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