Pocock Classic Cedar Single Racing Shells
Rowing Videos

"Great rowing clip from 1947" Twelve Crews Sprint race in Seattle
Notes on 1947 video - crews, coaches, boats

1966 Interview witrh George Pocock

Stan Pocock narrating, Frank Cunningham, Charley McIntyre, et.al rowing edited by Francine Rose. The parts of the above - Frank Cunningham - and a little of Charley McIntyre - demonstrating and teaching rowing about 1990 and Stan Pocock audio only by Guy Harper

Stan Pocock and Kent Mitchell comments on several world-class 1980s rowers Stan Pocock, boat-bulder for the world and one of the most successful Olympic rowing coaches in Anerican history.

A Symphony of Motion by John Biglow, Phoenix Films, 1974 - Georgte and Stan Pocock, Bill Tytus, Harry Parker, Ted Nash, et.al.

Stan's hands sculling with Frank Cunningham about 1975

Ancient Mariners in 2006.

Sherri Cassuto Sculling filmed by John Biglow, 2015

Lenville O'Donnell videos

We (HEART) George Pocock from Ratty Rower on Vimeo.

Password: RatTV

1936 Olympic rowing by RiefenstahlThe Boys in the Boat by Daniel James Brown -- Official Book Trailer
Ulbrickson raw footage by Lenny O'Donnell

1960 Olympics, including straight four (HOH) race. Italy

Joan (Lind) Van Blom wins silver (far lane) in 1976 Montreal Summer Games

AMRC 1991 YouTube video

M8+ Mens Eight Athens Olympics 2004

M2X - Mens Double Scull Athens Olympics 2004

Mahe Drysdale Wins Single Sculls, 2012

Aubrey Officer and Elise Beuke
Two junior rowers, Aubrey Officer and Elise Beuke, from ... read more

Husky Women win in NZ - 2014 Gallagher Great Race on the Waikato

2015 - Steve Gladstone turns the Yale program around. Charley and Frank used to think Gladstone was the best coach in America when he was at Cal.
Yale-Harvard Race, 2015
Henley - Yale beats UW, 2015

Rat Island Club Rowers
Jim Buckley videos

Womens Quad
Womens Quad
Womens Quad (2)
Mens Quad
Single - Steve Chapin
Double - Lorraine & Jim
Triple - Jim, Kate & Laurie
Triple - Jim, Kate & Laurie (2)
Quad - Ted, Peggy, Libby Jill
Oct, 2014 and in the Ross Island Regatta
LTR 2018
Chisty, Bill, Otto, JimB
Chisty, Bill, Otto, JimB
Ann, Otto, Nancy, JimM
LTR 2018
Christy, Dylan, Bill, JimB
Peggy, Dylan, Otto, JimM
Kathleen, Christy, Nancy, JimB
Jeannie does it right
LTR 2018 - 2nd
Kathleen, Kirstin, David, Ted
Ted,David, Kristin, Kathleen
LTR 2018 - 2nd
JimB, Corine, Debbie, JimM
JimM, Debbie, Corine, JimB
Club Rows 2021
Sue, Janet, Xep Kathy
Amy, Karen, Kevin, Michele
Ted, Noah

Club Rows 2022
Noah, DaveW, Bill, Paul
DaveS, Karen, Cornine, Mari
Ted, Ann, Connie, Marilyn

Stan - Sally, Janet, Dave, Becky
Frank - Janet, Heidi, Corinne, Bill
Lorna - Noah, Elisabeth, Ted, Sue
Launch - Aaron, Jim


Team Building 2024
6/6/24 Foot stretchers & handle height

Paul, Peggy, Becky, Amy
b c d e and f

6/13/24 Blade depth and finishes

Colleen,Linda,Kathy & Candice
Colleen,Linda,Kathy & Candice
Paul, Becky, Amy & Peggy
Colleen,Linda,Kathy & Candice
Both boats

6/20/24 Homework - Catch & finish drills & hard fast rowing

Boat One: Paul, Colleen, Becky, Amy
Boat Two: Michelle, Sue, Kathy, Candice

One - warm up
Two - more warm up
Two - hard & slow
One - hard hard & slow
One - hard & faster
Two - much better
One - hard & much faster

7/4/24 Homework - Turns and hold water. Catch & finish drills. Hard rowing with feet out.

Boat One: Amy, Becky, Colleen, Paul
Boat Two: Peggy, Linda D, Kathy WS, Sally

One - Feet Out
Two - Feet Out
Two - Feet Out (2)
Way Back

Club Row (1)
Club Row (2)

7/11/24 Homework

Session Plan - Catch & finish drills. Hard rowing with feet out.

Boat One: Paul, Becky, Colleen, Linda D
Boat Two: Lara, Sue, Ted, Sally

Boat Two out Port
Boat Two out Starboard
Boat One out Port
Boat One out Starboard
Boat Two feet out S
Boat Two feet out P
Boat Two feet out S2

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